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Fantasy Foresight - The Podcast!

Episode 2.18 

Fantasy Foresight Mock Draft Special!


Team Foresight unites for their first group podcast! Zack, Russ, and Mike join the Foresight Encyclopedia and Foresight Founders to complete a four round 12-team PPR Redraft Mock. We had fun recording this. Hopefully you have fun listening and gain some insight to help you with your draft prep.


Tune in to find out:

- Who has the best four-round draft?

- Will a Ghost Team beat Team Foresight?

- Will Steve take a Tight End?

- Will the new guys ruin the audio quality?

- Who makes the biggest stretch pick?

- What is the worst pick?

- When will Derrick Henry get picked?

Draft Order (Ghosts take best available):

  1. Ghost Team 1

  2. @ForesightFamily (Zack)

  3. Ghost Team 2

  4. @ForesightFFPT (Russ)

  5. Ghost Team 3

  6. @ForesightFocus (Mike)

  7. Ghost Team 4

  8. @FF_Encyclopedia (Steve)

  9. Ghost Team 5

  10. @ForesightJay

  11. Ghost Team 6

  12. @ForesightBen




Mid-West Fantasy Football Expo!

Team Foresight will be present at the Mid-West Fantasy Football Expo in Foresight Family Man’s home town, and Hall of Fame City, Canton, OH. Watch the twitter feed for a promo code on discounted tickets.


The Fantasy Foresight Challenge!

Meet us at the Expo to be entered for one of six available spots in the $1,000 Fantasy Foresight Challenge (TFFC) 2019 PPR redraft league.


Total Foresight!

The 2019 Total Foresight Metrics are almost complete. Stay tuned for our signature fantasy tool and the centerpiece of our upcoming Fantasy Season Preview episodes.



- @ForesightFamily






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