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Our mission is to equip every passionate and relentless fantasy football manager with the tools needed to become a perennial Champion. Our aim is to not only help you reach the ultimate glory of winning your league Championship, but become a Dynasty.

Why join? It's simple. We are here to provide you with information and strategy that is not quite like anything else available. We do not answer to advertisers. We do not answer to shareholders. We answer to You, our members. We simply ask for a minimal $9 annual membership fee for season-long access.  Membership is automatically renewable, and you can cancel at anytime.  It's our mission to constantly improve, upgrade and offer more value, so that you don't.

What do you receive for your investment? Nothing but the best. Not to mention our enduring dedication to your success. First, we will provide Aggregate Projections tailored to your custom league settings. We will monitor the weekly and season projections from each major fantasy league platform and gauge their actual accuracy. You will know who to trust. With our Total Foresight, our most advanced private metric, we have combined historical data, aggregated projections, snap counts, targets, team performance trends, scheduling and injury risk to provide you an all-encompassing look at what players have the highest probability of scoring the most points during the season (and fantasy playoffs). This alone is worth the price of admission. We will not stop there. Our next-level SAVAGE Scores will assist in prioritizing regular-season trade targets and how to construct your roster for the playoffs. Our News & Updates Page will keep you up-to-date on all of the most recent injuries and player news, while our Twitter Feed will help filter out all of the social media noise. (You can also find us at Facebook, LinkedIn Google, BBB and the SBFSTA)  There's more, trust us. You won't regret it, and we promise to not disappoint.

We will not speak in generalities, we will give you specific, detailed information. We will filter out all of the noise. We aim to be the best kept secret in fantasy football. We aim to deliver you a championship.